Question: Why Prettysleepy? I chose the name Prettysleepy because I am a night owl and most of my artwork is created at night. 

Question: How can I contact you? Message me through my facebook page or email

Question: Why do I post much of my artwork to Pixabay? I found Pixabay when I was looking for images that were safe to use for commercial purposes. I love creating artwork from combining images, and decided to share some of the results on Pixabay. The donations don’t add up to a lot, but I appreciate the ones that I receive when people use the artwork that I post.

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About Me

I put an abstract spin on objects, landscapes, and the world in a variety of styles. If you’d like a version of any of my images in digital form, have questions or if you are having trouble with a purchase contact me at or message me through my facebook page.

If you are using my free artwork click here to donate if you can.

Have a look at my pre-made book covers and don’t miss the free category. Nothing on this website can be used for resale as stock images.

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